Patina Cultural Exchange Program

We are entirely dedicated to providing our guests with the very finest quality cuisine, exceptional service and genuine hospitality at our extraordinary landmark locations and award-winning restaurants throughout the country. Patina Restaurant Group’s philosophy is simple but certain. We do everything in our power to provide our guests with exceptional culinary and cultural experiences, from New York’s Rockefeller Center and Macy’s Herald Square, to the Grammy’s and Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. We make that possible by giving our teams every resource imaginable in extraordinary art-filled environments. We’re proud of our wonderfully diverse and incredibly talented people, who are proud to be part of a world-class team this good.


As residents in our housing complexes, participants have the chance to meet other participants and live in a comfortable community.
  • Two to four bedroom apartments are available with two participants to each bedroom.
  • Housing rates vary by season, depend on apartment size and are automatically deducted from participants’ weekly pay.
  • We provide a safe and secure environment. Apartments are fully furnished and utilities are included.
  • There is a one time program assessment fee due upon acceptance of a role.
  • If a participant is under the age of 21 upon arrival, they will be placed in an apartment where no alcohol is permitted at any time. Participants 21 years of age and over may request an apartment where no alcohol is permitted (subject to availability). All apartments are non smoking.
  • Transportation is provided to and from work.


We offer professional development courses which can be taken online via myPatina, along with quarterly classroom sessions focusing on leadership, business acumen and service capability.


Each role offered as part of the program provides a diverse learning and earning opportunity. While working at Patina, participants will learn transferable skills invaluable to their future and gain experience with one of the most influential fine dining restaurant companies in the United States.
  • Applicants will be notified of the exact hourly pay rate when we extend an offer.
  • Participants may be working indoors and outdoors, depending on the role. Participants must have full work availability, which includes working nights, weekends and holidays.
  • Participants must also be flexible to work any time of day, including early morning or after midnight and may be scheduled to work overtime.
  • Participants will work an average of 30-45 hours per week with the exception of peak periods, when they may be scheduled additional hours.
  • The Patina Brand and Disney Look Book are our set of appearance guidelines. Participants must meet these guidelines by the time they arrive and are expected to meet them throughout the program.


There are a number offerings for program participants. Here are just a few of the total rewards:
  • Complimentary admission to themes parks as well as other related discounts for the area.
  • 30% discount on food purchases at select company restaurants.
  • Health benefits to include medical and dental coverage paid for by the employee.
Benefits subject to change at any time and some restrictions may apply.


To participate, candidates must:
  • Be fluent in English
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be responsible for round trip airfare to and from Orlando, Florida
  • Exit the United States upon completion of their program


  • Selling food and beverage (including alcohol at restaurants)
  • Taking and filling orders
  • Multi-tasking
  • Preparing food items in a kitchen area
  • Cash handling - both manually and using computerized registers
  • Bussing tables
  • Cleaning and emptying trash cans
  • Setting and stocking tables
  • Heavy lifting
  • Pushing heavy carts
  • Working with cleaning chemicals
In order to maintain a safe and healthy environment and comply with state mandated regulatory food standards, members working in Food & Beverage that prepare and/or service food and beverages are required to abide by the Food & Beverage nail and jewelry policy - keep fingernails trimmed and filed (not extended beyond tip of finger), not wear nail polish or artificial nails, not wear jewelery on arm including wrist watches and medical information jewelery. The exception is a plan (commitment) ring, without stones, raised designed or jagged edges. Acceptable options for medical jewelry includes necklaces and ankle bracelets.