Ugly Produce is Beautiful Dinner

On Wednesday, February 26, Chef Ben Dodaro is teaming up with Sarah Phillips, the Instagram sensation behind @food and @uglyproduceisbeautiful to offer a four-course dining experience that highlights the beauty (and deliciousness) of "imperfect" produce.

Ugly Produce is Beautiful, founded by Sarah in January 2016, is a global movement of producers, retailers, restaurants and consumers to create awareness and revolution in the food industry by increasing the consumption of "ugly" fruits & vegetables, and to reduce food waste and pollution. "Ugly Produce Is Beautiful" is a registered trademark of Sarah Phillips.

Wednesday, February 26
Reservations Required
4:30PM - 9:00PM



45. plus tax and gratuity
Optional 4oz. beverage pairing listed in italics below each course 24.
No Substitutions


Artichoke & Taleggio Profiterole
wine pairing: Tenute Dettori, Renosu Bianco, Sardinia 2018


Butternut Squash Soup
black truffle oil
wine pairing: Cantina Pace, Rosabebbia, Nebbiolo Rosato, Piedmont 2017


beet-infused pasta, beet greens, wood oven-roasted mushrooms, stracciatella
wine pairing: Antinori, Santa Cristina, Rosso Toscano, Tuscany 2016


Millefoglie di Patate
russet, sweet, and purple potatoes, eggplant, spinach, cauliflower, 24 month parmigiano reggiano, fontina, roma tomato
wine pairing: Alessandro Rivetto, Nebbiolo, Piedmont 2015


Upside Down Citrus Cake
cara cara, blood orange, pomelo, tangerines, custard, vanilla cake, lemon thyme gelato
Coffee & Tea Service

Reservations required.

Photo by Sarah Phillips ©2016 Sarah Phillips