Our Team

Andreas Roller

Executive Chef | Nick + Stef's 

German born and educated, Executive Chef Andreas Roller comes from a family of hospitality professionals, his father in the kitchen and his mother in the dining room. Growing up in the German Black Forest, he cultivating a natural appreciation for the highest quality of ingredients due to land's lush, seasonal wealth brought forth by local hunters, gatherers, and growers, thus, laying the ground work for his career as a chef.

By the time he was 19, Roller had worked in three Michelin-starred restaurants in Germany, which paved the way to become a sous chef at Patina on Melrose at the young age of 23. In subsequent years, he would become a certified Master Chef with Excellence, awarded by the German Chamber of Commerce, and tour the globe by while honing his culinary skills behind the stoves in the world's most prestigious restaurants. As a result, he brings contemporary and international flair to the Nick & Stef's kitchen, rooting his menu in the basics and what nature taught him when he was growing up. “The real star in the kitchen is not the chef, but the product,” says Roller. “The raw ingredient stays in front, that’s the real star. I blend in the technique and preparation.”

When he's not in the kitchen, he can be found in the cockpit of a single-engine plane, on the back of a motorcycle, atop a pair of skis, or underwater in SCUBA gear, exploring the culinary scene in Europe as well as L.A.’s own restaurants and farmers markets.