Art On The Walls by Julian Montague

"New York, Lake Erie, Ontario" is a commissioned triptych by Julian Montague. The artist cleverly matched the view (Buffalo, the water, Canada) with the viewer's location in real space as they look at the artwork.

Julian Montague is known for his photography, design and installation work. The three paintings relate to a recent series by Montague titled Features. The imagery of the Features works evolved out of Montague's graphic design practice -- an elemental and bold visual language that nods to modernism. The paintings in Features are part of a selection of imagery that take as their subject the geological features and events that shape the physical landscape of the earth.

Montague explains, "In their simplicity and stillness the images are meant to evoke the very slow, very long march of geological time."

In each painting, the iconic visual language is paired with a single descriptive term in the upper left hand corner. Montague considers the text that accompanies the iconography as a conceptual reminder that language is a late arrival to the earth. The result is a fresh perspective on the mundane with moments of clarity in a world full of the massive and intangible.

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